Home (lyrics)

by People on the Horizon (all lyrics written by Lada Homutová)

  1. Black Dancer on the Roof of Life
  2. Don't Tell It to Him, Tell It to Me
  3. Gabriel

Black Dancer on the Roof of Life

Taking off a plane,
crashing into trees,
feel that windy freeze,
little branch, broken crane.

Falling from above
do you understand?
Without any friend
what is now, then was love.

Braking all the rules,
doing what is right,
blaming all around,
lazy brides, cheating grooms.

Stealing what is mine,
drinking from my tears,
put down all my fears,
little lie, you’ll be fine.

Black dancer in the shadow.
Black tulip on a meddow.
Black tiger dressed as ghost.
Black wine... You make a toast!

Just missed the lesson of a life,
you Smith&Wesson 
and your wife.
You are a dancer in the dark
on the roof of wasted life.
Stripping into me,
did you ever want to be free?
You are dancer in the black
take off the shirt and show me your neck.

Don't Tell It to Him, Tell It to Me

I know why you're crying,
you'd better stop trying to follow this plot.
Take on a shirt, make your very first step.
You won't regret and you'll smile instead.

You're a galactic person
standing on a melting iceberg 
and blending your drink,
seeking the planet...

I know where you're flying
you'd rather stop dying and find the right "now".
Take off the cuffs, make your very first move.
You will be happy and you will prove...

You're galactic person
standing on your planet
and blending the drink
you like and thinking...

Don't tell it to him, tell it to me
you're much more for me
than what he can ever be for you.
Forget your tears, it's just a galactic dust.
Here is the person to whom you can trust,
my friend.

I'm listening to what you're saying,
for so many reasons I am staying.
I do care what you feel, give me your hand.
You will be better and I'll understand...

We're galactic persons
standing on our own planet 
and blending drinks for us.
Time is changing...


Gabriel is falling from the sky
from what I know, he’s gonna die.
I don’t want to be there.
I don’t want you to care.
I don’t want him to die.
I don’t want you to cry.

Failing states all around us,
golden brains won't save your ass.
Regrets are prepared but they are too late,
people are coming, dancing in the ache.
Formalised movements and empty sighs.
Voiceless while speaking and restlessly cry.

Approaching fame, open your bag,
forget your promises, hang your head.
The fight between us has been too long,
I can’t give you what you want.
I can promise it will be fine
but Gabriel says he’s gonna die.